Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy describes when and why APKMODYES (collectively, “APKMODYES”, “we”, “us” or “our”) uses cookies on our websites, applications, advertisements, and related services, including emails, newsletters, and on certain partner and licensee websites with whom we have contracts (collectively, the “Service”).

What are Cookies?

Cookies are little text files transferred to the devices you use to access and use the Service. Your browser or device stores these cookies and makes them available to you every time you visit a site, allowing it to recognise you and remember crucial information about you.

Session cookies are transient cookies that stay on your browser or device until you close your browser or device. When you quit the Service, they are erased from your device.

persistent Cookies stay in your browser or device for much longer; depending on the cookie, they may stay there until you delete them or until their expiration date. These might be utilised, for instance, to remember your preferences when you use the Service, welcome you back, and improve your usage of the Service. When engaging with the Service, the usage of persistent cookies may be connected to personal information, such as when you select to save your user names so you don’t have to input them each time you visit your accounts. Then, a persistent cookie that is connected to your account information will be saved on your computer. You can still use the Service even if you reject the persistent cookie.

For more information on cookies please visit:

You can always change your cookie preferences or delete cookies altogether as discussed below.

Can I Change My Cookie Preferences?

You can decide whether to accept cookies or limit their use in your browser’s settings. The majority of browsers also include features that enable you examine and delete cookies. If you want details on the most popular browsers, you might want to consult this page. We will presume that you are okay with receiving all cookies on the Service if you use the Service without adjusting your browser settings. Please be aware that not all elements of the Service may function as intended if cookies are deactivated.

You can opt out by clicking this symbol, which is present on the majority of our webpages and applications, if you would rather us not gather information that might be used to assist choose which adverts to offer you. By visiting the opt-out page for the behavioural advertising cookie, you may also update your cookie choices or Digital Advertising Alliance (U.S. residents and those not in the EU or Canada), the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU residents).

Local Shared Objects, commonly known as Flash Cookies, cannot be modified through browser settings. For more information, see the Adobe website, which offers thorough instructions on how to remove or disable Flash cookies. Please be aware that you might not be able to access some features, such video content or services that need you to sign in, if you disable or reject Flash cookies for the Service.

You might be able to refuse to have your data gathered or used for interest-based advertising on mobile devices using your mobile operating system. Although this feature is often accessible in the “Settings” area of your mobile device, you should go to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer for further information. Additionally, you may prevent us from gathering information by turning off data collection for interest-based advertising in our applications or by uninstalling our applications.

Changes this Policy?

This Cookie Policy is subject to modification at any moment. To know when this Cookie Policy was last updated, please look at the date at the top of this page. Any modifications to this Cookie Policy will take effect as soon as we post the updated Cookie Policy on the Service.

How Do Cookies Get Used by APKMODYES?

How Do We Use Cookies?

The categories of cookies we employ and the reasons for each are shown below. First party cookies are our own cookies that are created by APKMODYES, managed by us, and used to collect data on how the Service is used.

These cookies are strictly necessary for you to navigate the service and enjoy its features, making them essential cookies or strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary for some functionality to work. These cookies don’t record any information about how you browse.

Functional Cookies: We can enhance the functionality of the Service by remembering how you prefer to use it. Functional Cookies are persistent cookies that the Service remembers when your computer or device comes back to that Service.

Cookies used for analytics: By gathering data about how you use the Service, cookies used for analytics help us provide better services. These cookies are used by us to enhance the functionality of the website. For instance, analytics cookies let us keep track of any problems you may have using the service, offer us data about the most popular sites on the service, and determine whether or not our advertising is successful. Although we cannot individually identify you through the use of these cookies, the third parties who offer them might be able to.

Cookies for behavioural advertising: Cookies for behavioural advertising are used to show users relevant ads both on and off the Service. We examine the pages on these sites you visit, the goods or services you look at, and whether you look at or click on the advertisements that are displayed to you. A cookie may also be used to determine if someone who viewed an advertisement later visited and engaged with the advertiser’s website. We may also disclose your information to third parties. We use this information to deliver you interest-based advertisements. Similar to how we do, our partners may use cookies to track whether or not we’ve showed an advertisement and how it fared, or to provide us details on how you engage with advertising.

Cookies from third parties: Some cookies on the Service are run by independent companies, such Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Comscore. To be able to provide the services they are offering, some of these third parties (such as third-party advertisers) may utilise cookies on the Service, in emails, or in our advertising on other websites. It’s possible that some of the third-party cookies used for analytics will be utilised to track, examine, and stop fraudulent traffic or other shady actions. Some of our third-party promotions and adverts are built to immediately transfer users’ information onto the third party’s landing page when you “click” on a third party’s advertisement or promotion in order to offer a user-friendly experience.

Similar Technologies

We may also employ pixel tags, web beacons, eTags, and local storage in addition to cookies and other comparable tracking technologies on our services. Pixel tags are often referred to as clear GIFs, pixels, or web bugs. We use these technologies to offer interest-based advertisements, track users’ online activities, collect demographic data about our user base as a whole, save user preferences and video viewing history, as well as to better analyse site traffic, visitor behaviour, and marketing campaigns. Pixel tags are tiny pieces of code that are included in or on websites, mobile apps, or advertisements and are used to send information from your device to a website operated by a third party.

For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

We hope that this policy helps you understand our use of cookies. If you have any further queries, please contact us at [email protected] and be sure to include Cookie Policy in the subject line.